ICC Mediation Conference: Mock Cases but Real Issues

The second ICC International Mediation Conference “Win-Win Strategies: Tools for Corporate Dispute Management” took place at the ICC headquarters in Paris on 10 February 2011. Following the six days 6th ICC International Mediation Competition the conference was the final event of the ICC Mediation Week 2011.

58 teams from 27 countries (including a number of CIS states) took part in the competition which is the largest mediation competition in the world and the most significant educational event of the ICC. The conference focused on the implementation of in-house dispute management systems for business conflicts. It is generally recognized that an established in-house dispute management system helps companies to create their dispute resolution strategy as early as at the stage of drafting contracts and prevent disputes from escalating. Experienced dispute resolution lawyers together with corporate representatives analyzed and discussed specific situations, case studies and well-proven tools.

During the third morning session all the attendees were divided into four working groups to conduct clause drafting exercises and discuss do’s and don’ts when drafting dispute resolution clauses for international contracts. The participants were provided with two hypothetical cases where they had to make an early case assessment, detect errors and re-draft an appropriate clause.

The final session of the conference called “Dispute Resolution in 2020” started with a short video “Shift Happens” which demonstrated the fast pace of changes in the world of business.

The conference served to raise awareness about efficiency of ADR means in general and mediation in particular. Currently the methods of alternative dispute resolution are not widely used in the former Soviet Union. In the light of growing need to understand and master ADR in CIS (Russia’s new law on mediation is perhaps the most recent example) it is to be wished that similar conferences are organized in CIS region as well.

Dilyara Nigmatullina

Association for International Arbitration, Brussels


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