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Sorin Dolea is an intern at CIS Arbitration Forum. He is a Moldovan lawyer, currently pursuing Geneva LLM in International Dispute Settlement-MIDS. He graduated with a bachelor degree and LLM in International Law from Moldova State University, Arbitration Academy in Paris and the Hague Academy of International Law (course on the international private law). He specializes in international commercial and investment arbitration and has experience working in a major Austrian law firm for two years.

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Fraud allegations at the enforcement stage of ASCOM case

Fraud allegations at the enforcement stage of ASCOM case

The Swedish Supreme Court recently put an end to Kazakhstan’s attempts to set aside the award rendered by SCC tribunal in favour of Anatolie and Gabriel Stati, Ascom Group SA and Terra Tar Trans Trading (“ASCOM” or the “Claimant”). The Supreme Court rejected the claims, declaring that Kazakhstan provided insufficient evidence to support their fraud allegations. Nevertheless, the […]

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